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Do you pick-up and deliver? How much is it?

Yes! We only offer pick-up and delivery service. Our Wash and Fold Service is a flat rate of $29.99 per bag for the greater Austin area. As long as the zipper can close, we’ll wash dry and fold!

How do I get a Loopie Duffel?

Our drivers will bring two complimentary Loopie duffel bags when they arrive to pickup your order. If your laundry cannot fit inside the quantity of bags ordered you may be subject to additional charges.

When will my order be picked up and where do I need to leave it?

Our drivers take care to pickup during your selected time slot so you know when to expect us. Feel free to leave your order at your doorstep or transfer to your driver when they arrive.

Will everything in a bag be washed together?

Yes. Settings are applied on a per order basis, so if you need items washed separately simply place another order with your desired time slot and wash settings!

Where do you operate?

We currently offer our services in Austin and the immediate surrounding area. If you are unsure if you fall within our service area, download the app and enter your zipcode, or email us at


Do I need to sign a contract?

No contract is required. We offer on demmand services and recurring orders can be set up upon request.

How often do you pick-up and deliver?

We can accomodate pickups and deliveries any day of the week between 8am & 8pm. Orders are placed for piclup and/or delivery within 2 hour timeslots, which are as follows: 8-10, 10-12, 12-2, 2-4, 6-8. Our default turnaround time is 24 hours, but we can be flexible to fit your needs.

How does commercial billing work?

Orders are charged upon pickup by default, but we can accomodate a variety of options to fit your needs.